Stella Maxwell Topless (2 Photos)

View two new nude covered/censored photos of Stella Maxwell from Instagram (November 2016).

Stella Maxwell is in-demand top model, conquered by her beauty of famous designers. Since 2015 she has been the “Angel” of Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand company.

The future model was born in spring, May 15, 1990, in Belgium. Stella is Irish, but she spent her young years in New Zealand, where she moved with her parents at the age of thirteen. Two more brothers and a sister were brought up in the family. The mother and father of the future supermodel are Northern Irish diplomats. Stella graduated from College in Wellington. Then she entered the University of Otago.

Once in the cafe, Stella saw a famous photographer who was fascinated by the delicate beauty of the girl. He offered Stella a couple of test shots, to which she agreed. As a result, the future “Angel” noticed, and soon the name of Stella Maxwell thundered in the modeling business.

The height of the girl is 175 cm, weight – 53 kg, figure parameters – 81-58-84 cm.

Stella was invited to audition when she was at University. But the girl preferred to finish her studies first, and then to pursue a career. From the modeling Agency, Stella immediately went to the beauty salon to make a short haircut. This move, she drew the attention of employers.

Short blond hair made her stand out from the rest of the models.
The first professional photos of Stella are made for Vogue magazine. At that, photoshoot Kate Moss, and Stella was in the background. But the girl was glad that she managed to work with the photographer Mario Testino.

Career biography of Stella began to rush up. The girl was invited to essential shootings. She soon appeared in magazines ELLE (Italy, Taiwan), VOGUE (Japan), MARIE CLAIRE, GLAMOUR, PUMA. Also, the pictures of Stella appeared in commercials for global brands.
Maxwell has an average height, but Stella noticed renowned designers. She regularly performed at shows. The most memorable can be considered defile for Jeremy Scott, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs.
In 2014 and 2015, the supermodel was invited to the final screenings of Victoria’s Secret. The girl proved to be a professional, and soon, Stella was chosen as a new “Angel” of the famous company. Photographers note the girl’s ability to transform. They believe that the “Angel” has features of models of the twentieth century.

Stella Maxwell is bisexual
In the summer of 2015, the network has information about Stella’s relationship with the famous American singer Miley Cyrus. Miley is the daughter of the renowned country artist Billy Ray. Since 2009, she has been dating Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother Liam. Three years later, the couple announced their engagement, but in 2013, the lovers broke off the relationship. Then the girl shocked fans with defiant performances and behavior.

In July 2015, the paparazzi caught Stella and Miley kissing behind the scenes of the filming of the Cyrus video. The girls did not deny the guesses of fans and regularly appeared together in the pictures on Instagram. Miley was expecting extravagant antics, but the orientation of Stella at the time was for the fans a shock.

But the girls’ affair lasted only three months. Fans still believe the relationship of the singer and model is a promo move. Miley Cyrus soon after parting with Stella returned to Liam Hemsworth. And in October 2016, she announced that she was again engaged to a young man.

Since the end of 2016, the personal life of Stella Maxwell is again under the cameras gun. And all because she had a stormy affair with the actress of the Twilight saga, Kristen Stewart.

Stewart has long been in a relationship with men. Among the beloved girls listed Michael Angarano and public favorite Robert Pattinson. Stewart is considered guilty of director Rupert Sanders and his wife Liberty Ross divorce. In the summer of 2016, the actress confirmed her bisexuality and said that she was dating a girl. Kristen had affairs with the actress Soko, as well as with the former lover of Cara Delevingne, Annie Clark.

Now Stella is participating in the fashion shows of Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand. She is the face of cosmetics Max Factor.

Stella and her girlfriend Kristen Stewart live together in a suburb of Los Angeles. The network regularly displays information about the break of the pair. However, the rumors about the breakup of Kristen with Stella remain rumors. In February 2018, close couples reported that the girls are planning to adopt a child. It soon became known that it was only a newspaper hoax.

It is worth noting that the name Stella Maxwell has long been very well known to all fashion lovers, thanks to her successful career model.

But now the girl has become famous in much wider circles, and even those who don’t watch fashion shows and doesn’t follow the trends of modern fashion, know the name Stella Maxwell thanks to her scandalous novels with Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart!

We also paid close attention to this girl after we have received to our collection of the Fappening Stella Maxwell Nude Leaked pictures!


Stella Maxwell Topless (2 Photos)

Stella Maxwell Topless (2 Photos)


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